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markMeet Mark Wunderlich – Founder & Local Internet Marketing Consultant

Mark Wunderlich is a internet marketing professional with 16 years of experience helping businesses bring in new clients, grow their revenue and increase profitability. Mark worked for RHDonnelley / DonTech / Dex Media from 2000-2009 an industry leader for print and online advertising. In 2009, with the gradual demise of print and yellow page advertising, Mark went to work for FindLaw, an industry leader in the online legal marketing space. Mark is a seasoned SEO expert with in-depth knowledge of his local market. Mark continually studies the latest Internet marketing trends, keeping him on the cutting edge of what’s working and what’s not on the web.

Proven Marketing Results

During the initial consultation, Mark has a conversation with his prospective clients to find out what they need help with; what types of customers/clients do they want, what type of work is profitable and do they enjoy doing, what market would they like to cover, etc…? Mark wants to find out if he can help them and if he is a good fit for them.  If so, he discusses what he does and how we have helped other businesses similar to them.  Mark explains our internet marketing services (SEO-search engine optimization , PPC, etc…) and why certain websites rank better than others.

Other key points discussed are:

  • The overall process and experience.
  • How to be SEEN & FOUND and get TOP visibility online.
  • Web Design – why the design of your website is important.
  • Content is KING – why quality content matters for both search engine optimization and projecting a professional image.
  • Keyword Selection – vanity vs. the long tail search and why targeting the correct keywords is important.

Overall, the consultation is an opportunity for Mark to educate prospects on who Dragon Internet Marketing is, the comprehensive services we provide, and why we are a top internet marketing company in Chicago land.

Building a Lasting Partnership

As a full service marketing consultant, Mark seeks to build a long-term partnership with his clients, working with them and helping them to reach their professional goals. Mark is always there for his clients, staying on top of the latest products and methods, and letting them know ASAP if there’s something new that can help them. He emails and talks with his clients regularly, and meets with them regularly to assess their progress toward reaching their goals.

Mark Currently lives in Riverside, IL – just outside Chicago, Illinois with his wife Maureen and two girls.

Why Choose Us…?? That’s easy…


The internet works. Is it working for you? We make it work. We have over 30 years of combined experience helping business owners be seen, found and visible in the marketplace.  In today’s world it is imperative to have strong rankings on the search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, etc…  We  help our clients bring in more clients/customers, and often times can target better clients/customers for our clients. BE SEEN & FOUND!!.


Many industry online marketing companies and yellow page companies treat you and your project like an assembly line. After meeting with the salesperson or marketing consultant, you are then handed over to the “factory”, you deal with one person as a project manager, one for design, one for content, and then even another for search engine optimization.  The problem with this process is that sometimes everyone is not on the same page.  For an effective marketing strategy to work, everyone must be on the same page and everyone must understand EXACTLY what the end goal is.  When you work with us, we don’t treat you like a number.  SEO and proper search engine optimization is an art and a science.  We make sure that everyone is working in concert to deliver an end result that will do one thing – produce RESULTS!!

We are here LOCALLY in Chicago.  We can come to your office or business and really see and understand you and your marketing goals & dreams.

We help you make more money and become more profitable through client/customer acquisition and revenue growth!!​

Our area of expertise is the use of internet marketing technology, internet marketing and internet advertising.

John-PaceMeet John Pace – Founder & Local Internet Marketing Consultant

John Pace has been involved in internet marketing for nearly 10 years and makes sure we stay on the cutting edge of Googles ever changing algorithms. John has worked with hundreds of law firms and prides himself on customer service and getting the best possible ROI for his clients. With a background in education one of John’s greatest strengths is his ability to translate complex things into plain English. In fact, his favorite kind of client is one who wants to be involved and is eager to learn!

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, being active and watching sports (especially the Spartans, Lions and Cubs).

just Meet Justen Hong
Please See Justen’s full profile @ www.visuallure.com 

We KNOW how to get you and your business HIGH visibility on the internet. We have worked with hundreds of small businesses over the years, and have helped professionals, contractors, doctors, dentists, and just about any small business be SEEN & FOUND online in their marketplace.

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