What do our clients say about us?

Divorce & Family Law Client – Mark Wunderlich has more than tripled my business in less than a year. If that is not enough, he is genuinely one of the hardest working individuals I have met and is truly invested in your success. I see Mark more as a partner than as my internet company. I have worked with several internet marketing companies in the past. None compare to the service and results as those provided by Mark Wunderlich and Dragon Internet Marketing. Thank YOU Mark!

DuPage County Law Firm – The SEO is already working its magic though- I’ve done searches in google in various locations and we’re way higher than we were before-very happy!

Social Security Disability Law Client – Thanks!  And just a FYI..we are already getting a LOT of queries through the website.  Like we’ve probably gotten more in the last week than we had gotten from April-August all total. 🙂

Divorce & Family Law Client – We are swamped with business – Thank You! We are actually looking to turn the ads down a bit because it’s working too well.

I can tell a HUGE fkn difference in my new campaign results already. Unreal. You’re an expert my friend!

Criminal Defense Law Client – Mark, thank you for that advice – it paid for itself on the first day and my phone has been ringing consistently since. Thanks man.

Criminal Defense Law Client – The difference in my experience with Dragon Internet Marketing and other Internet Marketing companies? It is quite simply responsiveness. You can call Mark at any time, and he almost always answers his phone. On the rare occasion that he doesn’t, you will get a call back within about 15 minutes. Any question you ask, you always get a clear answer and anything that you want done on your website gets done very quickly. No delays, no hassles.  And the price for his service is probably the most reasonable on the market. I had bad experiences with other Internet marketing companies; they seemed to just want to take your monthly payment and do nothing more. Mark however, is always there, only a phone call away when I need something.

Divorce & Family  Law Client – Excellent service and very knowledgeable on internet marketing. Mark is always available and quick to respond with information. Dragon Internet Marketing is a great asset to my business!

Criminal Defense, Divorce, Family Law & Tax Law Client – Mark and Dragon Internet Marketing are the best. Very impressed with their responsiveness and attentiveness to all of my firm’s marketing needs. Highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business.

Immigration Law Client – Personable, knowledgeable and available. Smart, great team. Highly recommend Dragon Internet Marketing.

Divorce / Family Law Attorney – Love my website… simply one of the best to work with and help generate a lot of business.

PI & MVA Attorney – Mark is amazing to work with. His eye for design and detail coupled with his extensive SEO knowledge make him an asset to any business.

Criminal Defense, Divorce & Family Law Attorney – Excellent to work with and always available. I recommend him to all my attorney friends who need and want a great marketing service.

Divorce & Family Law Firm – Dragon Internet Marketing helped direct my firm for a better overall web presence, increasing potential client contact exponentially.

Med Mal, PI Attorney – Thank you for remaining so interested and involved. It is really an exceptional product that you provide to me.

Bankruptcy Lawyer – I don’t know what he does, but it’s working!

Criminal Defense Attorney – The calls are coming in – thanks for everything you do!

Divorce & Family Law Firm – Since our meeting last week, the activity from the Internet has gone up dramatically. Dramatically.

Criminal Defense Lawyer – Mark, the calls have really seemed to pick up since we started!

Plumber & Sewer Company – Hands down the best internet guy we’ve ever worked with. Mark has exceptional SEO skills & business is booming!

Just wanted to share this with you and also to thank you! In 2017 we had 69 patients that listed Google as their referral source. In 2018 we had 199 patients that listed Google as their referral source! 288% increase. @ https://www.kidsdentistforestpark.com/

Mark Wunderlich with Dragon Internet Marketing has done so much for our small business. In just over a year our internet presence has exploded and we are seeing our company pop up on the first page of Google in our area. He is open to suggestions, helps us out on things that probably don’t fall under his job description and gets results. I would recommend Dragon Internet Marketing to anyone starting out or wanting to grow their internet traffic. He’s a great guy and easy to work with! – HVAC Company

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